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Workshop Identity Set
AP Sifu Monk Brochure
Dolorous Canter Show Flyer
Killerslayer Tag Set
Nice Naughty Mug
House of Liu WW Sign
Koi 8 X HoL X EqUnit Bag
Veggiesomething Business Card
Veggiesomething Postcards
Koi 8 Business Card
Koi 8 Tag
Koi 8 Reader Ad
Koi 8 Promo Card and Sticker
Serenity Now Promo Card
HoL Show/APW Promo Card
Fizziefuzzie Business Card
Fizziefuzzie Merchant Pack
Fizziefuzzie Hi-Fructose Ad
Fizziefuzzie Punk Planet Ad
Fizziefuzzie Promo Card
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Fizziefuzzie Merchant Pack

Fizziefuzzie Merchant Packs were given to retailers in order to provide information regarding the character line and its products. The pack included the character information cards, the general information cards, an ordering slip, a Fizziefuzzie Theme Song CD, and a business card. I designed the the case and its contents to matched the style of Fizziefuzzie's website so that there would be continuity as the merchants were directed to the website. (The Fizziefuzzie website was also designed by me.)

Client: Fizziefuzzie | Agency: N/A