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Workshop Identity Set
AP Sifu Monk Brochure
Dolorous Canter Show Flyer
Killerslayer Tag Set
Nice Naughty Mug
House of Liu WW Sign
Koi 8 X HoL X EqUnit Bag
Veggiesomething Business Card
Veggiesomething Postcards
Koi 8 Business Card
Koi 8 Tag
Koi 8 Reader Ad
Koi 8 Promo Card and Sticker
Serenity Now Promo Card
HoL Show/APW Promo Card
Fizziefuzzie Business Card
Fizziefuzzie Merchant Pack
Fizziefuzzie Hi-Fructose Ad
Fizziefuzzie Punk Planet Ad
Fizziefuzzie Promo Card
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Koi 8 X House of Liu X Equilibrium Unit Bag

Equilibrium Unit is the producer of an unique modular bag system. The bags can be converted from a backpack to a sidepack with ease. The bag "cover" is also modular and can be changed to give the bag a fresh new look. Equilibrium Unit approached me to do a three way collaboration for the bag cover. I designed the cover by blending some elements that were associated with each brand.

Client: Equilibrium Unit, Koi 8, and House of Liu | Agency: N/A